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From family-friendly fun to extreme sports, Adventure IO is the place to find all kinds of amazing opportunities for you to book. Do you want to sleep on a yacht in Norway and then ski around the country? They’ve got it! Want to take wakeboarding lessons in Orlando with a former world champion wakeboarder? Got it! Your Facebook and Instagram stories will be amazing.

There is virtually no limit to your adventurous imagination with Adventure IO and their stable of expert guides, many of whom are past champions or professional competitors in their specific field or sport.  


Take a Look at Some Amazing Adventures You Can Book Today!


Southern California

Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks with Yeti Ambassador

Fly fishing for giant Mako and Blue sharks! Come to San Diego, CA and fly fish for one of the greatest saltwater gamefish, the Mako shark. You’ll be guided by saltwater fly fishing pioneer and outdoor personality Capt. Conway Bowman. This is a fly fishing adventure you’ll never forget!!! Max of 3 anglers total.

Adventure IO MakoAdventure IO Shark Adventure

Design Your Custom Surfboard with a Pro Shaper

Introducing the world’s first DIY surfboard workshop you can now have the experience of a lifetime. The priceless experience of designing and shaping a surfboard from start to finish is every surfer's dream come true. This is a one-on-one surfboard shaping lesson that can be completed in one 4-hour session. This surfboard studio, called Shaper Studios, have locations around the world, and their friendly staff of surfboard builders have a passion for sharing the art of surfboard design with surfers of all ages.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.00.53 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.01.11 PM

Electric Hydrofoil Adventure in Mission Bay

Join professional surfer Chuck Glynn for a session on the new Electric Lift Foil in the Oceanside harbor. He will have you up on your feet and flying in no time. When you arrive, he will give you a rundown on how the Lift Foils works, then you'll hit the water.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.06.13 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.06.27 PM

Maui, Hawaii

Kiteboarding with King of the Air, Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman is a 3X kiteboarder of the year and 2X world champion in big air and big wave kiteboarding, and he wants to help you take your riding and mental state to the next level. He will pick from some of his favorite spots on Maui, make a plan for what you want to work on and let it rip! He's coached all skill levels from first time kiters to expert level, so don't be shy to inquire about what you are looking to accomplish! 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.09.43 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.09.25 PM

Expert Guided Hike through Maui's Haleakala National Park

When you are ready for some cloud dancing on another planet, this adventure is for you. This hike is mystical and magical and a challenge. It´s for experienced hikers who want to walk on mars: black rocks, multi-colored stones, mystical volcanic dust and beautiful silence. During your hike you will be surrounded by pure nature and you will observe the change of terrain and biodiversity: rugged, rocky terrain (walking on Mars), small bushes of grass to bigger bushes, to trees (walking in untouched savannah).

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.11.56 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.12.09 PM

Central Florida

Mountain Biking the Backcountry of Central Florida

When people think of Central Florida one thing usually comes to mind: Disney World. But right outside the House of the Mouse you can forget about long lines at the theme parks and discover a pristine, natural wonder waiting to be explored. Central Florida is home to miles of under-traveled bike paths through forests, mangrove stands, swamps and more. You'll see historic landmarks and more wildlife than a day at the Animal Kingdom! Next time you're in the area, join the Adventure IO guide for a 4-hour tour of some of the area's best bike trails!

adventure io mtn biking florida usadventure io florida backcountry adventure

Paddleboarding with Manatees in Freshwater Springs

Paddle with manatees! With temperatures at a constant 72 degrees, Blue Springs is a safe haven and designated refuge for the West Indian manatee. From November to March, manatee numbers are in the hundreds, making this a popular spot to view them in their natural habitat from the spring run viewing decks. But we won’t stop there! For a potential up-close and personal encounter, you’ll paddle the St. Johns River so the curious sea cows can come say hello! From April to October, Blue Springs Run is open midway to paddlers so you can hopefully spot the occasional manatee. The bonus of this season is we can swim and snorkel the gorgeous, crystal clear spring head to cool off and refresh! Paddling the St. John’s River is an adventure itself with a real Florida feel, surrounded by nature, a ton of birds, and the occasional alligator. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.14.54 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.15.00 PM

Wakeboard and Wakesurf with Legend Shaun Murray

There’s plenty to do in Orlando, but at the same time there’s not much that tops Shaun Murray's backyard! Start off the day with some warm ups swinging around on his backyard gym before we load up on his Super Air Nautique G23 for either a full- or half-day of wakeboarding and wakesurfing action - whether you’re looking to learn something new, ride doubles with Shaun, get some cool photos, etc., the day is yours - with instruction included for those looking to take their skills to new heights. Depending on the season and production schedule, you may also be able to score a visit to the Correct Craft World Headquarters to see the world famous Super Air Nautique going down the production line - as well as slapping high fives with some of the great people responsible for bringing this beauty to life. Really the day is your oyster!

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.17.27 PMScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.17.18 PM


4x4 Off Road Adventure with Nitro Circus Athlete

Get behind the wheel of one of our Can-Am X3 XRS’s and come explore the southern slope of the Uinta Mountains in Utah. They have both 2 and 4 seat machines available. The guide will be showing you some cool terrain! With thousands of acres available for exploration, Utah's Uinta Mountains offer the perfect outdoor escape.

Adventure IO UtahAdventure IO Motorsports

Custom Ski Adventure with Red Bull Athlete Johnny Collinson

Want to ski alongside one of the most legendary free-skiers in the world? Johnny is available to guide the way for your custom-curated inbound and outbound skiing Adventures - sharing his greatest adventure stories, trick tips, local insights and more throughout the day. If you’re an avid skier, it's an incredible opportunity to check a big one off the bucket list! Inquire through the messaging portal below and we will work together to create your groups' ultimate skiing Adventure through the Wasatch range.

ADventure IO Utah SkiScreen Shot 2020-10-21 at 12.18.59 PM


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