Enjoy exclusive Taj benefits ranging from a personal butler and lounge access to one-way airport transfers, daily breakfast and complimentary basic Wi-Fi.


Featuring a curation of authentic living palaces and landmark hotels, Taj is the hallmark of iconic hospitality across the globe. Taj is recognized for their warm and intuitive service and is the undisputed leader in Indian hospitality. Spanning world-renowned landmarks, modern business hotels, idyllic beach resorts, authentic Rajput palaces and rustic safari lodges, each Taj hotel reinterprets the tradition of hospitality in a refreshingly modern way to create unique experiences and lifelong memories. 

UNIQUE DINING.  In their bid to deliver authentic, undiluted experiences, Taj has introduced a unique regional home style dining experience. Always prepared with a local touch, the home-style cooking ensures that you maintain good health throughout your stay. And at the same time it gives you the opportunity to dabble in the local delicacies.

SENSE OF PLACE.  The architecture and experiences at Taj hotels pay homage to the local culture. The entire experience revolves around a landscape, the local knowledge and folklore. Taj weaves those characteristics to make your stay unique and fostering a sense of belonging.

JIVE SPA.  Awaken your inner self with our award winning, all-natural spas rooted in traditional Indian well-being and spirituality. Taj offers a milieu of old India therapies and beauty secrets to foster harmony and equilibrium within you. These time-tested wellness rituals are now within reach inside the soothing sanctuaries of every Jiva Spa.


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About Taj Hotels & Resorts

Taj Hotels

Forming a major part of IHCL, Taj Hotels are renowned worldwide for their extraordinary commitment towards providing luxury hospitality. Each of the twenty-eight luxury hotels sets an example of opulence—born from flavourful local culture and world-class amenities. At Taj, guests from around the world find comfort in the stately, tastefully designed rooms, offering unhindered views of the destination, while providing convenient in-room facilities.

Another discerning aspect of Taj is their ability to provide a culinary experience unlike any other. Many of our award-winning restaurants serve both, as well as the essentially global cuisine; providing guests with a masterfully balanced taste.

Fulfilling the purpose of a guest’s visit takes top priority at Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts and Safaris. Be it a significant meeting, a crucial conference, a much-awaited get-together, or an affair of a lifetime—a wedding; at Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts and Safaris, occasions turn into memories. Plush banquets adapt seamlessly to the nature of the event, while functioning with incredible efficiency and poise, displaying Taj’s spirit of hospitality at its peak.

Taj Palaces

One of the very few things that represent the bygone, royal era are the magnificent structures in their regal stance—the Grand Indian Palaces. Taj, makes accessible the great Indian culture and heritage with the restoration of these majestic structures, thus turning them into perhaps the most authentic, and intimate experience of Indian royalty. Taj Palaces are present across destinations in India, and bear history dating back as far as 1700 AD.

Residing at Taj Palaces is an experience unlike any other. The arrival of guests is marked by a unique ceremonial welcome. The sheer magnificence of the architecture of these palaces transforms even the most casual stroll into an experience encompassing eras. Kingly suites offering unhindered views of the palace exteriors are adorned with antiques, and restored masterfully to suit the needs of the modern traveller. For special occasions, these suites can be completely personalised to the guest’s preferences.

Dining at Taj Palaces is more than just a special culinary experience, it is a journey through time. Encompassing restaurants that serve dishes made from recipes dating back to the times of the Nawabs, Rajas, and their royal kitchens; to authentic European cuisine reminiscent of the many influences India has had upon her.

Taj Resorts

Resorts ensure that a holiday is spent in relaxation, tranquility, and well-being. Taj’s luxury resorts around the world are uniquely designed, bearing in mind the destination—its ecology, climatic conditions, and culture heritage. The architecture brings out the essence of the destination to provide an intimately enriching holiday experience. From villas offering mesmerising sea views, to traditional aromatic spa therapies, and suites attached with personal plunge pools; Taj Resorts redefine the meaning and experience of a relaxing holiday.

The signature Jiva Spa is a temple of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Relieving guests from stress caused due to demanding lifestyles through one of the many ancient healing techniques. From body scrubs and wraps, to Ayurveda therapies, yoga, meditation, and beauty treatments; Jiva Spa offers authentic therapies that enrich the body, mind, and soul, thus revitalising guests with a positive energy.

Luxury accommodation is just the beginning of the delightfully relaxing feeling that Taj Resorts stimulates in its guests. Presidential villas, garden-view suites, rooms with a sunset view and private pools make for a stay that is refreshing.

Taj features 85 hotels, 12,133 rooms in 54 exotic destinations.

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