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From the vast glaciers of Skaftafell to the spectacular hot springs of Geysir, the captivating beauty of Iceland is yours to discover.

Combined with Iceland's great ice covered landscapes, outstanding glaciers and glimmering lakes is the warm welcoming friendliness of its local people.

It's a place with endless room to discover and an array of natural beauty to explore.


Welcome to the land of double-cheek kisses, Prada and espresso, where pizza reigns supreme and the history books come to life.

A country with as many landscapes as it has gelato flavors, expect dramatic mountains, glittering seas, verdant vineyards and ancient metropolises – all in one unforgettable Trafalgar tour.

From gaining VIP access to Michelangelo’s greats at Vatican City with your Trafalgar Local Specialist, to chasing the sun along the stunning Cinque Terre, you’re guaranteed to find a corner of the ‘boot’ that appeals to you.


Take an epic journey through Switzerland and you’ll discover alpine forests, mountain views, beautiful lakes. You’ll also meet some friendly locals, including the owners of a mountaintop vineyard, who’ll welcome you for a traditional home-cooked meal and some very enjoyable wine-tasting.

Home of the United Nations, the popular city of Geneva is situated between the Jura Mountains to the north and the Alpine Peaks to the West. Sometimes you’ll walk out of a café or shop and they’ll be in the distance. It really does take your breath away.

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